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Dr. Gill Joins Leadership



OLGFC receives 5 year pledge from Team Brown Foundation.

October, 2019

OLGFC is pleased to announce it has received a five year commitment from Team Brown Foundation. This gift is critical to change and save lives of patients one at a time as they receive compassionate and respectful medical care along with help to get medicine to treat everything from infection to mental illness. This gift gives basic health care to patients and helps them be better parents, spouses, employees, and friends to their families and community. This transformational gift is the most significant source of funds that OLGFC has ever received. Thank you!



Please call 507-329-0750 for clinic dates.



*The clinic also provides weekly follow-up care for many patients.  Please contact 507.329.2123 if interested in scheduling an appointment. Please contact Sue Salzwedel at sue.olgfc@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering. 

Dr. David Plevak writes the following as Dr. Margaret Gill joins him as Co-Director of Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic. Dr. Sidna Tulledge Scheitel continues in her leadership role as Associate Director.

2018 marks my 7th year as Medical Director of OLGFC and 65th year of life. A colleague who has consistently inspired, challenged and encouraged me has been Margaret Gill.
Margaret and I first met 25 years ago. As a resident physician she was assigned to the intensive care unit I was supervising. I was immediately impressed by this young doctor who approached her patients with joy, warmth and empathy. Margaret also defied the grueling ICU work schedule, and her third trimester pregnancy, to exhibit an impressive level of energy. Margaret and I became and remain great friends.


On behalf of everyone at OLGFC, we welcome you!   It seems that God whispers in our pleasure and shouts to us in our pain.  In response to this, we the faith community in Worthington and volunteers throughout Minnesota, have heard and listened to the cry of the poor.  


Call for Appointment


Our Lady of Guadalupe Free SPECIALTY Clinics are held every six to eight weeks. All patients who do not have health insurance are eligible to be seen at OLGFC.  Appointments can be made by calling 507.329.2123.



YOU are The Best!

Thank you to our amazing donors who support the work of the clinic! 


Thank you to all the patients and community who organized and supported the fundraiser with Jon Carlo in July. It was an evening of spiritually inspirational music and delicious food enjoyed by 1000 guests. Over $3,500 was raised to support OLGFC! Thank you to all those involved! 


Thank you to the following foundations who make it possible:

Southwest Initiative Foundation for a grant for Early Childhood Oral Health.

Astrup Family Foundation for a core mission grant.


Thank You to the Diocese of Winona-Rochester and Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota  for the $5000 Works of Justice Grant!


Thank You to the Medica Foundation for the $5,000 Core Mission Grant!

Star Tribune Tells Story


In the Sunday edition of the StarTribune 9/30/2018, columnist Jennifer Brooks tells the story of OLGFC on the front page of Section B-Local-State-Region news. The article graphically describes the pain, suffering and also the joy of the immigrant families Fr. Jim Callahan found when he arrived at St. Mary's in Worthington.


A Letter from an OLGFC patient


Dear Volunteers of Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic,

     My name is Jaime.  These words are for you volunteers, you are very important for us, you give of your time for the simple fact of helping your neighbor giving us back the hope and motivation to live.

Thanks a million, there is no other way to thank you for what you do for people’s lives.  May God bless you and your families. 

     You are instruments of life. Thank you for the generosity, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

     May God reward and multiply for this kind action that you do, thanks for everything you do for the health of us, the most needy.

     Thanks a million!


Prayer Support Needed


We thank all of our great volunteers for making the OLGFC a place of compassionate

care.  If you are not in the medical field but would like to support our mission, 

please consider joining us for ADORATION during the next OLG Free Clinic.



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There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore, I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.


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